Wish upon a star

We have a lovely family staying with us from Germany at the moment and they told us about the shooting star they saw last week and the mum recounted how she told her daughter to make a wish.

So the little girl did and when asked what she wished for she said a Dog!

The next morning, Louise and I arrived as we had been traveling overnight from Switzerland and as always we bring Coco our chocolate labrador with us.  First thing the little girl saw when she opened the front door was Coco.

She thought it was a miracle…..maybe magic really does exist 🙂

shooting starcoco

Show me a sign…!

Busy weekend at “the Mill” this weekend with guests leaving and checking in.  Not much to do on the redevelopment work as banned from making any kind of noise 🙂
However, we have needed some signs to officially give the Mill and the Gites their official names.  Given the recent storm we were not short of a bit of wood given the number of fallen trees that we had to chop up a few weeks ago.
So…..let the sign production line begin…..which one is your favourite….?

And after finishing our new signs we stopped for a little bit of wine.  Made a table out of an old wood stump for that too…..think I will start a business making these little beauties 🙂